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Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi
We have evolved development as a process of people's movement. While on way to its growth,Gujarat will make its humble contribution to the growth of nation which remains always supreme.Shri Narendra Modi
The Chief Minister

Chief Minister Shri Narendra ModiShri Narendra Modi has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat since 2001, leading Gujarat's population of over 55 million people to realize unprecedented changes in wealth, infrastructure and social development through his diamond-hard focus on governance and results.

In October 2001, he was called to lead the Government in Gujarat. His popularity with the people won the elections in December 2002 and then again in December 2007. In 2001 his first task as Chief Minister of Gujarat was reconstruction and rehabilitation after a massive earthquake centered in north-west Gujarat. The transformation was remarkable with Gujarat being awarded the UN Sasakawa award 2003 for outstanding work in the field of disaster management and risk reduction.

Shri Modi has led the Government and people with a clear and consistent strategy that binds the streams of energy, water, education, human development and security for all. In 2009 Chief Minister's Office was awarded the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 certification for quality management systems. He has brought energy and passion to a new trajectory of development in Gujarat; most importantly he has given the people results.

He has been a leader able to enforce tough decisions that give long-term results. Jyotigram is a pioneering management of electricity and groundwater found nowhere else in the world. In Gujarat electricity lines are separate for the agriculture sector and the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors allowing efficient rationing of electricity. Gujarat has solved the problem of uncontrolled farm power subsidies which had led to unsustainable groundwater withdrawal and left the Gujarat Electricity Board near bankruptcy.

In 2006 Shri Modi dreamed of a Global Gujarat. Today in 2009, over 13,000 village centers are connected with broadband internet through satellite technology, the largest network in Asia. In cities citizens use Jan Sewa Kendras, a single-window networked service giving access to over 40 public services with a promise to the people of one-day governance in the present technology era.

He has led a series of successful Vibrant Gujarat Investors Summits since 2003, with Gujarat consistently attracting the largest amount of project investment in India. Gujarat's economy has showed a new robust long-term growth pattern in all sectors. The rural areas are celebrating the fruits of reforms in power, water management and technology with Gujarat leading with agriculture growth of 9.6% over the last six years.

Gujarat's persistent problems have been transformed under his leadership of mass participation. By bringing together the Government and people Shri Modi has led Kanya Kelvani Rath Yatras: public processions to commit people to ensure that every girl in Gujarat is educated upto primary level. He has led transformation in many areas, including community based water management: WASMO was awarded the UN Public Service Award in 2009.

Since 2001 Shri Modi, as Chief Minister, has steadfastly led development in Gujarat to realize benefits to the people, where they are guaranteed a Government that provides services from the basics of electricity, water and roads to new goals of rural internet connectivity, one-day governance and new opportunities of employment. These initiatives bound into an integrated strategy have seen Gujarat's economic growth rise robustly and social development indicators improving. His vision, effective management and motivation of the masses will secure Gujarat with equality, health, knowledge, employment and peace.

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