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Outputs of Fellows during the Fellowship Period are presented as documents which can be downloaded by clicking on the links listed below

Human Development District Human Development Reports in Gujarat:
Tool for Mainstreaming Human Development in Planning
Darshana Padia, November 2010
Tourism Sustainable development of Spiritual Tourism in Gujarat Himanshu Patel,
November 2010
Sant Nagari Concept Proposal Himanshu Patel,
December 2010
Initial proposal Revenue Model for Developing Ambaji Himanshu Patel,
January 2011
Planning Village & Taluka Profiles for Gujarat: Centralized Database Management System & Utilization Jwalant Patel,
November 2010
Agriculture & Cooperation Online electronic applications to support agriculture in Gujarat Akash Domadiya,
November 2010
Urban Development Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Cell Shwetal Shah,
November 2010
Initial Proposal for Sewage Waste Treatment and Reuse Shwetal Shah,
January 2011
Carbon Neutral Towns Proposal Shwetal Shah,
January 2011
Science & Technology Integrated Workflow & Document Management System (IWDMS) Kartik Shashtri,
December 2010
Proposal PKI Digitised Signature for IWDMS Kartik Shashtri,
January 2011
Education Samaydan Youth Volunteering Initiative Renu Pokharna,
December 2010
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