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Fellows are requested to immerse themselves in continuous learning with regards to the challenges and progress in Gujarat’s Development. Provided here are a number of sources for initial study. All Fellows will be expected to conduct further self-guided study in the areas of interest and work.

Gujarat Overall Development Gujarat Beyond State Boundaries:
Initiatives for Nation Building
Government of Gujarat,
June 2009
Gujarat Beyond the Obvious:
A Report on Initiatives for Inclusive Growth
Government of Gujarat,
September 2007
Jyotigram Winner of Marico Innovation 2010 Erehwon Innovation Consulting and Marico Innovation Foundation,
May 2010
Agriculture Secret of Gujarat's Agrarian Miracle after 2000 Economic and Political Weekly (EPW),
26 December 2009
Agriculture Performance in Gujarat since 2000 International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Co-management of Electricity and Groundwater Groundwater governance through electricity supply management:
Assessing an innovative intervention in Gujarat, western India
Agricultural Water Management Journal,
Co-Management of Electricity and Groundwater: An Assessment of Gujarat’s Jyotigram Scheme Economic and Political Weekly (EPW),
February 2008
Good Governance SWAGAT winner of UN Public Service Award 2010 Presentation,
June 2010
Speech of Hon Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat given at Emerging Markets Forum, Mumbai June 2009
Health Maternal Healthcare Financing:
Gujarat’s Chiranjeevi Scheme and Its Beneficiaries
Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, April 2009
Saving mothers and newborns through an innovative partnership with private sector obstetricians:
Chiranjeevi scheme of Gujarat, India
International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics,
December 2009
Providing skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetric care to the poor through partnership with private sector obstetricians in Gujarat, India World Health Organization, Bulletin,
April 2009
Investments Vibrant Gujarat Leading in Project Investment in India Briefing Paper, Government of Gujarat,
July 2009
Women and Child Development Gujarat ICDS Project Brochure Global Alliance for Improve Nutrition (GAIN) November 2009
As well as the resources provided here, further information can be found at and other Government of Gujarat websites.
Information on the Human Development Index is available here
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