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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Chief Minister's Fellowship Program?
The Chief Minister's Fellowship Program has been charted out to harness youth energy, promote social service and elevate the future development of our country. This high performance will be extended to the Fellowship Program to inspire the best young achievers to advance as managers of excellence. This program is a chance to the youth to experience Government functioning and immerse themselves in working for a better society. To learn more about the program, click here.
What is the mission of the Program?
The mission of the program is to harness potential energy and vision of the youth for social service and provide a platform to contribute to the Nation as greater future leaders which would be helped by a closer understanding of Government functioning.
How do I apply?
Interested candidates can submit their interest to participate in this program by submitting an online application form from the website.
Which are the possible placement areas for the selected fellows?
The Fellows would be placed in certain departments which could be Hon. Chief Minister's office, CS, any ACS, PS/Secretary of a department or a departmental head or a Collector.
Is there any financial package associated with the program for the selected fellow's?
Fellows, who require financial support, can be assisted with some financial honorarium. Touring for official purpose would be covered under the program.
• What are the future career prospects for Fellows?
The Chief Minister's Fellowship Program does not give any assurance of a future job with the Government of Gujarat. The Chief Minister's Fellowship Program has been designed to give Fellows a unique and high quality experience that will benefit them for future working in social development in India.
• What are the requirements of the CV/Resume?
Your CV/Resume should be a brief summary of your education, work experience, contribution to community/society and other achievements and interests.
• Required language skills
Knowledge of speaking and reading Gujarati will be useful for all Fellows. However, knowledge of fluent Gujarati is not mandatory for applying to this program. Candidates with knowledge of English and Hindi will also be considered.
• Is it possible for Fellows to work part-time or work during under-graduate studies?
Fellows will be required to work full-time office hours. The Chief Minister's Fellowship program has been designed as an intensive experience for Fellows to learn about Government functioning and contribute to Gujarat's development. During participation in the program, it will not be possible for Fellows to (i) be studying under-graduate or other study programs, or (ii) be working in another job.
• Citizenship
Fellows will be working and residing in Gujarat for the period of one year. The Fellowship program is open to all those holding:
Indian citizenship
Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card
Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)
• Requests for an appointment with the Hon. Chief Minister
If you would like an appointment with Hon. Chief Minister, please see the Official website: where there is an online form to submit to request an appointment.
• What should I do if I have not received an automatic email confirming receipt of my application form, within 24 hours of submission?
Regular checks are made by the technical team to ensure automatic emails are being sent to all online applicants to confirm receipt of their online submission. If email confirmation is not received, then your form has not been submitted to the database and therefore you should apply again. If your attempts are not successful, then try submitting the online form from a different computer/internet connection. There are several reasons why your online form may not have been submitted
Session time out due to long time taken for filling the application form online. To resolve this issue download the full application form, and prepare responses in advance for each field in notepad/WordPad/ MS Word. You can then cut and paste the prepared text into the online form. This technique will reduce the time online and should avoid Session Time Out situation.
Intermittent disruptions in the internet connectivity (especially for the cable based broad band connections)
Some time carrier loss during the broadband connection activated through laptop connected dongle can result in non response of page to be shown while moving from one section to other section of the application form.
If you have a question that is not answered by the above points, then please submit your query at this email address:
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